Why Montessori?

Montessori’s education program is unique. Children are encouraged to make decisions and play an active role in the classroom. A solid foundation at each level promotes strong academic skills and a true love of learning. An authentic Montessori program is based on self-direction, builds a strong sense of self, sustained concentration and development of independence.

What sets Montessori apart from other programs?

• Emphasis on the whole child
• Mainly individual and small group instruction
• Child works at his/her pace
• Children are encouraged to collaborate, teach, share ideas and help each other
• Environment and method encourage self-discipline
• Develop leadership skills
• Mixed age groups

Montessori grows a child’s love of learning by providing an excellent foundation, creating a well-rounded individual that leads the way to a more advanced education.

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Spanish Immersion Program at MASS

Spanish Immersion Program coming to MASS!

MASS is excited to announce we are offering a Spanish/English dual immersion program beginning this August for the 2014 school year. In this program, your child will be immersed in a rich, dual-language environment incorporating Montessori materials represented in BOTH Spanish and English. A certified teacher will guide your child and help improve their cognitive skills, increase creativity, achieve higher academic achievement, and a heighten communication skills.

Please call MASS at 770-205-6277 to find out more, or take a moment to stop by the newly created Spanish vignette in the Primary building at MASS to see some hands-on Spanish materials and literature.

Thank you Ms. Nena, Mrs. Gilbert and Ms. Cattell for presenting “Spanish Night” on January 21, 2014 at the MASS campus. We are excited to get this educational program started!