Primary Spanish Immersion

Ages 3 – 6

Language learning happens most easily during early childhood. Dr. Montessori first identified a “sensitive period” for language acquisition in children from birth to age 6. Our Spanish Immersion classroom offers an extraordinary experience for your child with research-based Spanish/English immersion in a Montessori setting. The dual language curriculum has the same objectives as a traditional Primary classroom. This exceptional program has the potential to give your child improved cognitive skills and achievement at a higher level–both academically and on standardized tests. Studies consistently show the benefits of multilingual children and adults. Our program uses:

  • Modeling: Your child will interact and learn from native speakers.
  • Developmentally Sound Environment: We use individual instruction, Montessori materials, and activities that are inviting for your child.
  • Cultural Competency: All Montessori classrooms provide a rich cultural environment to prepare students to see themselves as part of the global community.

We saw tremendous development of our child personally and academically. We appreciate the school and teacher’s effort.

Montessori Academy Parent