Sonia Lamont – Elementary

1. Where are you from? Australia

2. How long have been teaching? 9 years

3. Where did you go to school? University of Queensland

4. What degrees/certifications do you hold? Bachelor of Science (psychology & zoology), AMS ages 6 – 9, NAMS ages 9 – 12

5. What is a top teaching moment that stands out in your career? For the Elementary age witnessing children come into the curriculum having not had it before and thinking they don’t like school, then learning to love learning.

6. What is the part of Montessori curriculum that you find most extraordinary? Math & Geography. The Math curriculum helps make everything click – progressive to concrete to abstract in a such a way. Supporting curriculum, like Geography, gives students a bigger perspective and teaches the universe then the world. This gives a broader idea of where they are.

7. Tell us about your family, hobbies, and interests. I have 2 sons. I enjoy animals, nature, and the outdoors.

8. What country have you never visited but would love to see? New Zealand & Africa